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New Patient Information


Prior to your first visit, you will receive a Welcome Packet.

  1. Please fill out the forms prior to your visit so that you can make the best use of your time with the doctor. Failure to bring completed forms to your visit may result in unnecessary delays during your visit and my require us to schedule a 2nd appointment to complete your initial evaluation. Patient Portal available-call 847-825-1590 for more information.
  2. A voiding diary is included and requires 2-3 days to keep track of your urinating pattern
  3. If you have been evaluated or treated at another center, please bring copies of pertinent medical records to your visit, or have them sent to us prior to your visit. This includes urinalyses (UAs) and/or urine cultures.
  4. Bring a list of your current medications, including over the counter or herbal remedies, or bring your pill bottles to your visit.
  5. Our financial policy is included in the welcome packet. A copy is available in the Billing section of this website.
  6. Small children: due to the intimate nature of questions and the exam required to assess bladder & pelvic floor problems, the presence of children will prevent our ability to properly care for you. Please make childcare arrangements prior to your visit.

During your visit, your health history will be taken and urogynecologic exam performed.

A urinalysis is usually performed.

A small catheter may be placed into the bladder to test for residual urine.

Testing such as uroflowmetry, cystoscopy, urodynamics (bladder testing), and ultrasound will be ordered when needed based on findings of the initial consultation.


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