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Dr Elser and Dr Moen recently produced a documentary on stress incontinence for Insights TV/ Hugh Downs that appeared on Public Television.

Dr. Denise Elser will travel to Tianjin, China in September 2011 to teach vaginal surgery for the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse at the Tianjin Womens Hospital


New Publications

Elser DM, Moen MD, Stanford EJ, Keil K, Matthews CA, Kohli N, Mattox F, Tomezsko JA,
Abdominal Sacrocolpopexy: Surgical Planning Based on Urodynamics. American
Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. (accepted for publication)
Moen MD, Noone MB, Vassallo BJ, Elser DM. Pelvic floor muscle function in women
presenting with pelvic floor disorders. International Urogynecology journal. March 2009 (in press)
Elser DM, Mitchell GK, Miklos JR, Nickell KG, Cline K, Winkler H, Wells WG.
Nonsurgical Transurethral Collagen Denaturaion for Stress Urinary
Incontinence in Women: 12-month Results from a Prospective Long-term Study. Journal of Minimally Invasive Surgery. January 2008 (in press)

Moen M, Noone M, Vassallo B, et al. Knowledge and performance of Pelvic Muscle Exercises in Women. J Pelvic Med Surg 2007:13;113-117

Moen M, et al. Teaching and Evaluating Technical Skills: Applying the Aviation Model to Gynecologic Surgery. J Pelvic Med Surg 2007:13;107-112

National Presentations

March 2009: Society for Gynecologic Surgeons

  • Dr. Moen will present "A Comparison of Midurethral sling versus Burch urethropexy for treating Urodynamic Stress Incontinence at the time of Abdominal Sacrocolpopexy
  • Dr. Elser will present the formal discussion of "Incidence and management of Graft Erosion, Wound Granulation and Dyspareunia following Vaingla Prolapse Repair with Graft materials: A Systematic Review"

September 2009: American Urogynecolgoic Society

  • Dr. My-Le To (Ob-gyne Resident) presented on behalf of Dr. Elser and Dr. Moen: "Analysis of Risk Factors for Ulcer Formation in Postmenopausal Pessary Users"

APGO-CREOG Annual meeting (March 2008)
Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics -Council of Resident Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. Moen will present research concerning how to improve feedback from faculty on the evaluation of resident performance.
IUGA (International Urogynecology Association)
Dr. Moen will travel to Manila in March 2008 with four other members of the International Urogynecologic Association Education Committee to participate in a learning exchange with 40 leading pelvic medicine experts from the Phillipines.

The AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF GYNECOLOGIC LAPAROSCOPISTS (AAGL)annual scientific meeting was held in November 2007 in Washington DC.

  • Dr. Moen participated in a panel discussion and presented on the" Evaluation and Management of Complications Related to the Use of Grafts and Mesh"
  • Dr. Noone presented on the Vaginal Sacrocolpopexy- a new procedure to surgically treat recurrent vaginal vault prolapse

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