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Experienced Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgeons

In 2010, for the women who required hysterectomy as part of their surgical treatment, only 2 (two) 4% were performed abdominally. The others were performed as minimally invasive surgery: 80% vaginally and 16% laparoscopically or with robot-assist (DaVinci). This approach is consistent with the new AAGL positions statement.

Mission Statement: At Illinois Urogynecology, LTD, we are dedicated to providing excellence. . .

  • excellence in the evaluation
  • excellence in counseling & education regarding treatment options
  • excellence in non-surgical treatments
  • excellence in surgical treatments

. . .for women with incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Further, we will provide this excellence with caring, compassion and exemplary customer service.

Statement of Excellence:

Although the majority of patients seen at IULTD are treated without surgery, many women require surgery to relieve their symptoms of incontinence and/or pelvic organ prolapse. The physicians of IULTD are experienced surgeons and perform more surgeries for stress incontinence and more surgeries for pelvic organ prolapse than any other practice in the Midwest. Why is this important?

Study after study in the surgical specialties confirm that high volume surgeons have the highest success rates and the lowest complication rates when compared to low-volume or medium-volume surgeons. Our comprehensive style of practice allows us to individualize care by offering non-surgical treatments for most patients and providing high-quality, experienced surgeons for patients who require surgery.

Our physicians are:

  • Fellowship-trained
  • Experienced with an average of more than a decade of clinical experience
  • The Teachers of other practicing physicians and physicians-in-training both in the community and nationwide
  • Engaged in clinical research, allowing us to offer cutting edge therapies which are not available elsewhere
  • Analyzing our clinical data continuously to maintain the highest quality

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